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History of the Station & Crew

Welcome to our history! We appreciate your interest in our history and hope you enjoy sharing it with us as well! Without our loyal customers we wouldn't be where we are today!

Being Tabor's "on the corner for over 38 years" is a part of our heritage and we love sharing that with you and being part of this community. We here at Tabor's feel like a business's history is part of the building blocks of it's future! We The following photographs are respectfully reproduced to share our history with you! want to sincerely thank you for being part of our history and making it possible for us to continue serving you from our little corner of Crittenden County.

An excerpt from Crittenden County History Book, Volume 1, Published 1991 submitted by Betty Tabor :

A Press ad that ran when Teer & Tabor's remodeling project was underway in 1968.         Tabor's Chevron Service, located on the corner of Main and Gum Streets is owned and operated by the Tabor brothers, Jim of Marion and Doug of Princeton.

A Press ad that ran when James Tabor joined Tom Teer in business.         Jim entered into a business partnership with his brother-in-law, Tom Teer, in April 1967. Tom had run the business as Teer's Standard since mid-1966.

        Operating as Teer & Tabor Standard, the business continued to progress. A major remodeling project was completed in 1968, adding another bay, a canopy to the front, and new gas pumps. A Scotti Muffler franchise was added in October of 1973. Doug Tabor

        Doug entered the business as a third partner in August of 1974. The Teer and Tabor name was used until October of 1977, when, for health reasons, Tom sold his partnership to the Tabor brothers.

        Since that time, Tabor's has continued to serve this community with full service car care, including muffler service which was formerly performed in a building around the corner from the station.

A major remodeling project in processProudly serving you from the same corner for over 38 years

An article printed in the The Standard Oil Service Station Magazine May-June 1969 :

Tom Teer as printed in article..Four more comin' right up..Tom Keeps His Tires Rolling

Marion, Ky., Dealer finds that as tire sales go up, so do sales in other areas

        Here are some signs of a successful service station: tire sales up 112 percent...battery sales up 43 percent...accessory sales up 23 percent...gasoline gallonage up 20 percent...

        Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? The man responsible for these figures, Dealer Tom Teer, operates a station on the corner of Main and Gum streets in Marion, Ky., pop. 2,500.

        And as the figures above might indicate, Tom's specialty is selling tires; he's "tire conscious" as he puts it.

        His selling techniques?


        When a customer pulls onto the driveway for gas or gets out of the car to get a drink of water or a soft drink, Tom manages to bring tires into the conversation. He feels that many motorists are negligent about noticing tread wear. Tom Teer as printed in article..Tom asks for the sale..

        "I don't think it's necessary to see a customer's existing tires in order to make a sale," Tom related. "Most people have a lot on their minds today, and they just plain forget to check their tires. Usually when I bring up the subject of new tires, they'll say something like: 'Well, I don't really know what shape they're in...let's go take a look'." Of course, he and his men also check tires on the driveway, rack, and in the wash bay. And Tom feels that his tire sales help increase their other business.

        "I had one tire customer who had bought Plycron tires for years but purchased all his Car Care products, gasoline, and oil from a competitor. I made it a point to give this man extra-special service when balancing and mounting his tires. The result? Now we have his complete business, including 22 cattle trucks that he owns," Tom said.

        As printed in article...Jim Tabor fills out new tire guarantee.Tom thinks that if you have a customer who is satisfied with the "good buy" he gets on his tires, he'll gain confidence in other products offered at the station as well.

        Since Tom's station is on Main street, almost all of his trade is local. Both he and his partner, Jim Tabor, are experts at public relations, and Tom notes that "Jim knows just about everybody in the county by his first name."

        Their philosophy of how to deal with the public is a simple one: make each customer feel like you're doing something special for him.

        As printed in article...Tom and Jim are never too busy to exchange pleasantries with a customer."After we've waited on a customer a few times, we get to know a little about his personality. We joke with the motorists that like to be joked with, and give fast, efficient service to our more business-like customers."

        Tom tries to treat his men just as well as his customers. Each new man is furnished uniforms free of charge and is given a week's vacation after one year. In addition, after a man's been on the job for 12 full months, Tom pays one-half of his life insurance and hospitalization premiums.

        "I try to start a man out at fair wages, and I make it a special point to tell him that as my wages go up, so will his," Tom commented. "I have one man that came to work for me in August, 1966, and since that time, his wages have doubled."

        Tom gives his men a $1 commision on every tire they sell, and if the station is one of the finalists in any given product promotion, he splits the prize money with them.

        Each new trainee is required to read the Service Station Sales Manual. Then he is teamed with an experience man for one to two weeks. During that time he is shown how to carry out what he's read in the Manual. Above all, Tom won't let a new man service a car alone until he is capable of doing a first-rate job.

        Tom received his training at the Cardinal Point training station in Paducah, Ky., and he feels that the knowledge he acquired there has a lot to do with his successful business today.

        As printed in article...Tom believes that displaying your wares is important."I just can't say enough for the Company's training program." Tom said "Your're taught how to read specification manuals and price guides quickly and accurately and, most importantly, how to use the Profit Analyzer. When I told some of my friends that by using the Profit Analyzer I don't need a cash register, they couldn't believe it," Tom said.

        The station is kept well-stocked with TBA, as Tom and Jim both feel it's important to "be prepared."

        "We try to keep at least one set of tires in each popular size," Jim said. "If a man decides he needs tires, you've got to have them in stock or he'll go somewhere else and buy them. And, needless to say, our steady customers expect us to have ready replacements at a moment's notice," Jim concluded.

        Tom is a firm believer in operating a clean station and, with his downtown location, he feel it's his responsibility to make his place of business as attractive as possible.

        "Besides being an eyesore to any community, an unkept, grease-spattered station scares off good customers. Nobody wants to run the risk of having the carpeting in his car ruined by greasy, oily footprints," Tom remarked.

        "People are conscious of a clean station," Tom added, "but they're a lot more conscious of a dirty one."

An article The Crittenden Press ran on the new Scotti Mufflers:

The introduction of Scotti Mufflers Original Press Ad - caption is below.


        Exhaust problems have disappeared in Crittenden County thanks to the new Scotti Muffler Center recently opened in its new location at 110 W. Gum Street by the Teer & Tabor Standard Service. Pictured here (above) are Jimmy Tabor, Doug Tabor and Tom Teer with a portion of the Scotti Muffler equipment which is used in their operation. The Scotti Muffler products carry a lifetime guarantee. With the custom installation offered at the center, no car, truck or foreign carThis picture was not part of the original article. is a problem -- and the cost designed to save money for the customers.

        In addition to the muffler center, Teer and Tabor has added the Lee tire line to the popular Atlas line which they have carried at their Standard Station. Found in all price ranges, Teer and Tabor offers tires for every need -- from steel belted radials to the Lee raised white letter tires in the 50-60 or 70 series. And don't forget the proud service reputation which has been a trademark at Teer and Tabor -- offering the full line of Chevron products and also both major and minor engine repair and mechanical work. Stop in Today -- at the corner of Main and Gum Streets -- you'll be glad you did!

Aerial photos courtesy of Emily Shelby showing the Station & Muffler Shop in 1938:

Aerial Photo - Courtesy Emily Shelby Aerial Photo - Courtesy Emily Shelby

Same picture - cropped to Station LocationSame

Same picture - cropped to Corner of Hwy 60 and Hwy 91 (Now Hwy 641)

A few more familiar faces & scenes....

Pictured here are: Andy Walton, Glenn Gass, Alan Asbridge, Jerry Lanham, James Tabor and Doug TaborAnd now appearing in color, this is a  - Do you remember when.... picture.
James TaborA wrecker of the past
A wrecker of the pastThe Muffler Shop
James Tabor always just a phone call away!

Thank you for sharing our history with us and for being a part of our future as well!

If you have any questions or have anything you would like to add to our history or share with us, please feel free to contact us!

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